Siam chicken tends to have diverse maternal origins. Majority of the Siam chicken grouped into haplogroup A¬-E and J, while the rest also grouped into haplogroup F, G, and U haplogroup.

Figure 1. A haplotype network from the mitochondrial D-loop region of Mae Hong Son chickens showed that the haplotype M29, which is a part of haplogroup F, was found to be the most frequent among all populations. Different haplogroups, such as A, B, and E were detected from the characterization of haplotypes of Mae Hong Son chickens
Figure 2. Haplotype network based on sequence data for the mitochondrial DNA D-loop region of
(a) Chee Fah chicken, (b) Fah Luang chicken, and (c) Chee Fah and Fah Luang chickens. The most common haplotype was CF5 (haplogroup B) in the Chee Fah chickens and FL4 (haplogroup B) in the Fah Luang chickens. All other haplotypes identified in the Chee Fah chickens were haplogroup B, whereas the haplotypes in the Fah Luang chickens were classified as haplogroups A, B, and CD
Figure 3. Haplotype network based on the sequence data of the mitochondrial DNA D-loop region in Lao Pa Koi chickens revealed that haplotype B, represented by LP2, was the most frequent in LPK chickens, whereas the other haplotypes were assigned to haplogroups CD and F.