“Empowering communities, preserving heritage, securing food with Siam chickens”

At the Siam Chicken Bioresource Project, our vision is a future where the red junglefowl, indigenous village chicken, indigenous chickens, and local chickens stand as cultural treasures, bridging heritage and progress within communities. We see them as vital contributors to rural development, providing protein-rich sustenance, and ensuring food security for all. These genetic breeds of Siam chickens represent a vital component of agrobiodiversity, safeguarding national resources and supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our approach embraces harmonious collaboration, uniting partners from the private sector and academic institutes, to share knowledge and utilization far and wide. We also hold dear the delicate balance between utilization and conservation. Our vision ensures that we harness the potential of these cherished birds while preserving their unique genetic heritage, celebrating their significance today and safeguarding their legacy for future generations.