Red junglefowl is a tropical bird in the family Phasianidae. It is truly wild chicken, having never been domesticated or tended to by humans. It ranges across much of Southeast Asia and parts of South Asia.

Indigenous chicken is domestic chicken breeds that are native to a particular region or country. These chickens have often adapted to the local environment and are well-suited to the climate and available resources. They may have unique physical and behavioral traits that make them better suited for local conditions. For example,

Indigenous village chickens specifically refer to a type of domestic chicken raised in rural or village settings. These chickens are often raised in traditional, free-range systems and play an essential role in the livelihood and food security of rural communities. For example,

Local chicken is a general term used to describe domestic chicken breeds that are native to a particular area. These chickens are typically well-adapted to local conditions and are raised for various purposes, including meat and egg production. For example,

Fighting cock is a type of domestic chicken bred for the purpose of cockfighting, a popular and controversial bloodsport in which two specially trained roosters fight each other. These birds are selectively bred for their aggressiveness, strength, and fighting skills. For example,