Our missions are to safeguard the genetic heritage of Siam chickens, empower rural communities, and bolster food security through sustainable practices. We are dedicated to preserving these exceptional birds while fostering local development and agrobiodiversity, uniting diverse partners in our shared commitment. We aim to achieve this by:

Genetic Conservation

Preserving and expanding the genetic diversity of Siam chickens through breeding programs, maintaining a diverse gene pool, and monitoring genetic health.

Community Empowerment

Providing training and resources to local communities for sustainable poultry farming, creating livelihood opportunities, and fostering self-reliance.

Food Security

Contributing to food security by promoting Siam chickens as a source of protein-rich meat and eggs, especially in rural and isolated areas.

Research and Education

Conducting research on Siam chicken genetics, behavior, and health, and disseminating findings through educational materials and publications.

Agrobiodiversity Preservation

Advocating for the preservation of Siam chickens as a vital component of agrobiodiversity, vital for sustainable agriculture.


Collaborating with partners from the private sector and academic institutes to leverage expertise and resources for the project’s success.

Sustainable Practices

Promoting environmentally sustainable poultry farming practices that minimize the ecological footprint and enhance the well-being of Siam chickens and their habitats.

Community Well-being

Measuring the improvement in the socio-economic well-being of local communities involved in Siam chicken breeding and conservation efforts.

Awareness and Outreach

Increasing public awareness about the importance of preserving Siam chickens and their cultural significance.

SDG Alignment

Ensuring that our activities align with relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as Zero Hunger, Life on Land, and Partnerships for the Goals, contributing to broader global development objectives.