The hidden gems of knowledge are communities. Through generations, collective experiences and stories pass from one community to another. Folk tales and local ritual of Siam chicken can be found and heard in almost every part of Thailand. We learn that the group of Northern part use indigenous and local chickens for worship their ancestor or spirits. On the opposite end, Southern part, chickens are more like pet and using for cock fighting competition. Anyhow, the more we understand various beliefs and distinctive culture in each area, the better we can connect and contribute back to society in form of projects/activities namely food security or conservation program.

Today, we proudly support four schools in our collaborative network that harness the power of indigenous and local chickens. These feathered friends not only provide a nutritious source of protein but also serve as unique learning companions.

Let’s journey to Sang Wan Wit 8 School (Chiang Rai province), nestled along the enchanting Thailand-Myanmar border in Chiang Rai province. Here, we celebrate the remarkable Fah Luang chicken, a true gem of the region with its distinctive black bones.
As this school stands in splendid isolation, far from bustling cities, our students take pride in raising and savoring these chickens as a nourishing part of their school lunches. It’s a unique blend of education and culinary delight that brings us closer to our local heritage.

Our next stop takes us to the Technic Dusit Border Patrol Police School (Chiang Rai province), a kindred spirit to Sang Wan Wit 8 School in Chiang Rai province. However, here we have the distinctive Chee Fah chicken, another striking black-boned beauty.
Much like its counterpart, this school embraces the joys of raising and relishing these extraordinary chickens. It’s a celebration of local culture and culinary wonders, all while nurturing young minds in a remarkable environment.

Our next destination is Ban Namtok Mae Klang (Phitsanulok province) in the heart of Chiang Mai. Here, we embrace the vibrant culture and flavors of the region with our beloved indigenous breed, the Pradu Hang Dum chicken.
This breed, born and bred in Chiang Mai, is a testament to the rich heritage of this land. Known for its low-maintenance nature, it’s the perfect companion for our school and community. We’re cultivating a connection to our roots and nurturing these magnificent chickens as they, in turn, nurture us.

Our next stop brings us to the heart of Thailand, to the Phitsanulok Panyanukun School (Phitsanulok province) in the charming province of Phitsanulok. This isn’t just any school; it’s a place of special talents and unique gifts, dedicated to autistic children.
Here, raising chickens isn’t just a hobby; it’s like caring for beloved pets. It’s a practice that’s been found to help our incredible students manage their emotions and find comfort. These chickens aren’t meant for our dinner table; they’re part of a bigger plan. We sell these chickens for a special purpose—to nurture the budding talents of our students and give them a chance to shape their own futures. It’s not just about education; it’s about empowerment and embracing the potential in each of our remarkable students.

In all the schools we’ve mentioned, our dedicated team goes the extra mile. We’re not just about chickens; we’re about changing lives. Through student scholarships, chicken house renovations, training programs, and so much more, we’ve been a constant support for these communities for over three years. And we’re not stopping there. Right now, we’re on a mission to find new schools and communities where we can bring the same magic to life.

Join us in this incredible journey of empowerment, education, and community building. Together, we’re making a real difference, one feathered friend at a time.