Calling for International Exchange Students in 2018


The student exchange program at Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University (KU) in 2018 is calling for international students to apply for studying and conducting research in Thailand. We will provide the dormitory room (with air conditioning) for all exchange students (2 persons per room). Exchange students need to take care of their living expenses and air ticket to and from Bangkok themselves as well as the health insurance. Please study the following conditions before submitting.


Deadline for Application

November 10, 2017


Who can apply for this program?

  1. Bachelor Degree student: the 4th or final year students (while participating in the project) who is focusing on research training.
  2. Master Degree student
  3. Doctoral Degree student



The participant of this program will have to comply with the requirements of the program as follows;

  1. All exchange students must have their personal health insurance before arrive at KU.

The Bachelor Degree exchanging students will have to register 2 courses work (with 6 credits in total) to study in the Faculty of Science, KU.

  1. The participants will have to study Thai Language Course for 2 month (studying every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).
  2. The participants will have to attend all activities in the student exchange program (e.g. Orientation and Welcome Lunch, Excursion, Research Presentation and Farewell party).


Funding Policy

  1. Funding Support by KU

KU will responsible for the local expenses of the exchange students during their stay in Thailand includes;

1.1 Accommodation Costs (e.g. Dormitory Fee, Deposit of Key Card, Cleaning Fee)

1.2 Tuition Fee for 2 subjects (only 6 Credits in total)

1.3 Thai Language Course Fee

1.4 Visa Extension Fee (only 1,900 THB in total)

1.5 Organizing Costs for Activities in the Program (e.g. Orientation and Welcome Lunch, Excursion, Research Presentation and Farewell party)


  1. Personal Expenses of the Exchange Students

The exchange students will responsible for their Personal Expenses which will be includes;

2.1 Round trip air tickets

2.2 Passport and Visa Fee

2.3 Daily Living Costs during the Exchanging period


Proof of English Proficiency

If you have English test results, it will be an advantage. Firstly, we will consider the scores of TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS. However, if you do not have any English test results, you have to show the English grades in your transcript as the proof of your English Proficiency.


Exchanging Duration and Dates

4 months: August 1  – November 30, 2018


How to apply?

Students will fill in the online application form (now open!) and select the research topics of their interest. Then, the committee will select the applicants and the results will be announced soon.


Application for KU International Exchange Student Program in 2018

Please study how to apply for the exchanging Program by go to this link:

Then, you can go to the online form at this link:


Health Insurance Information
All selected Exchange Students will need to have the Health Insurance before arrive at KU. We will give the details about Health Insurance after announcing of selecting result.




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