Application for KU International Exchange Student Program in 2018


There are 3 steps to apply for KU International Exchange Student Program in 2018. Please proceed by follow these steps as follows.


Step 1 – Prepare your documents

Prepare your documents in PDF format. The required document can be listed as follows.


No. Item Instruction
1 CV You need to make it with according to the given pattern.
Download link:DOC file: file:
2 Transcript This will indicate your academic performance until latest semester
3 Proof of Language Proficiency If you have English test results, it will be an advantage. Firstly, we will consider the scores of TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS. However, if you do not have any English test results, you have to show the English grades in your transcript as the proof of your English Proficiency.
4 Copy of Passport Your information page in your passport. (The page that has your photo).
5 Emergency Form You have to fill in your Emergency Form completely by get supervisor’s signature and University stamp.

Download link:


Step 2 – Fill in the online Application Form

  1. Go to the online form at this link:
  2. Login with your google account (gmail)
  3. Fill in the form and upload your documents


Step 3 – Check your information

You can see your submitted information for application by go to this link: