Research and Development

Research Activities

The department is aware of the essential role of research towards the country’s development. The research projects have received financial support from both the Thai Government and from international organizations. The staff members continuously conduct research involving:

nuclear techniques in order to apply to various areas such as mutation breeding by radiation which successfully develops new varieties of both agronomic crops including soybean, mungbean and many ornamental plants such as canna, portulaca, and chrysanthemum
p The use of isotope techniques in tracing the fate of agrochemicals in soil, plants, and the environment
The study of gamma-radiation effects at cellular and molecular levels
Gem enhancement by nuclear technology
Design and development of nuclear equipments and radiation measuring systems
Development of radiation dosimetry models for radiological assessment

Research Facilities

The department has experienced long term cooperation with international agencies such as the IAEA. In 1993, the British Government assisted with joint research programs that included study tours, fellowships and donations of equipments, i.e., a gamma source and nuclear equipment, to the university via the AIEA. Following this aid, the university was then provided with the budget to establish the gamma room building and its facilities which later become the Gamma Irradiation Service and Nuclear Technology Research Center. This center offers service to both government and private agencies. Special facilities available at the department for academic and research activities include radioisotope laboratory, gamma room for chronic exposure, self-shielded gamma irradiator, gamma spectrometer, alpha spectrometer, liquid scintillation counter, proportional counter, X-ray fluorescence analyzer, TLD reader, and biological oxidizer unit.



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