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"Tokyo Tech Seminar 2013 at KU"

[Date] Wednesday, September 25, 2013
[Time] 14:00
[Venue] Conference Room 202, 2nd floor, Davi Yanasugondha Building,
Faculty of Science, KU
Tokyo Tech (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Team will visit KU to
introduce various international programs that will be offered to KU
1. IGP (International Graduate Program)
Master's, Doctoral, and combined Master’s and Doctoral degree programs,
all in English; students can apply for a Japanese government scholarship.
Application period: August 1, 2013 - December 2, 2013
******* Attention!!!*******
Applicants of IGP are required to submit English proficiency test
score reports from TOEFL-iBT, TOEFL-PBT, TOEIC or the IELTS Academic
Module taken on or after December 3, 2011. If you have not taken these
tests yet, please take one as soon as possible so that you can submit
your score report before December 2, 2013. Score reports from
TOEFL-ITP, TOEIC-IP, or other proficiency tests not specifically
listed above will not be accepted.
In addition, applicants must obtain consent from a Tokyo Tech
professor to serve as your supervisor before you submit your
application. Now is a good time to start contacting Tokyo Tech
professors. For more information on faculty members, please use our
Tokyo Tech STAR Search (Researcher Finder):
2. YSEP (Young Scientist Exchange Program)
1 year or 1 semester program in English for senior undergraduate
students; students can apply for a JASSO scholarship.
3. ACAP (Academic Cooperation Agreement Program)
3 months to 1 year program on a research activity at Tokyo Tech for
graduate students or undergraduate students(second year or above) ;
tuition waived for KU students.