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The Department of Mathematics was officially founded in 1966. Prior to this, there was a group of instructors in the unit providing mathematics instruction for university students requiring certain mathematical backgrounds. Since 1969, the department has offered a B.Sc. degree in mathematics. The M.Sc. degree in mathematics was later offered in 1986. Currently, the partment has 26 academic staff members, and around 120 undergraduate students and up to 10 graduate students. The vision of our department is to be a leader in mathematics teaching and research within the Southeast Asian. The mission of the department of mathematics is to (1) provide quality instruction in mathematics for students; (2) pursue quality research in mathematics both in theory and applications; and (3) provide mathematical services to the society at large.

The undergraduate degree program in mathematics provides students with broad, general mathematics instruction covering almost all branches of mathematics. The program serves to prepare students for future careers in private and government sectors. Recently, the department has initiated a service called Mathematics Clinic for undergraduate students in need for mathematics tutorials and/or guidance. The Bachelor degree Program usually takes four years of study.

The Master Degree Program consists of two parts. In the first (instructional) part, students are required to take certain compulsory courses while in the second (independent work) part, students choose either to work on a thesis or on an in-depth study of topic(s) in mathematics at the consent of the advisor. The Master Program usually takes two years of study.

Bachelor Degree
Bachelor of Science (Mathematics),  B.S. (Mathematics)

Master Degree
Master of Science (Mathematics), M.S. (Mathematics)

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